A successful Arid Tropical design relies heavily on the use of bold textures, strong contrasts and dense plantings, which is well executed here. —-Beautiful!!!

Drought tolerant English Garden in Southern California-After she removed the lawn and installed a barrier and pea gravel, Tandy created a flagstone pathway and softened it with creeping thyme ground cover, lavender, dwarf sweat peas and Chinese sedum.

Drought tolerant English Garden in So. Calif. Drought-tolerant flowering cherry trees add texture and give the garden a pop of color against the home’s gray palette. So do flowering plums along the side of the yard, blueberry bushes close to the house, pretty purple Mexican sage and Chinese fringe, all of which require little water.

Drought tolerant English Garden-“It’s all about plant selection and color palette,” says Tandy. “We kept to a green palette, not an arid-looking palette.” A significant portion of the landscape is, in fact, not planted. “The key to drought-tolerant landscaping is to mix your plantings with the right amount of hardscaping and permeable hardscaping,” Tandy says. “Anyone can do it. It just takes a little research.”

“We’re very casual. We just pass plates of grilled chicken or fish and salads through the kitchen windows and eat family-style here,” says Brooke. The table is from a shuttered antiques shop, and the chairs are vintage. Hanley gold gravel defines the area.